Relocating your Business in LA? 5 Tips to Prepare for the Office Move.

Sep 21 2016

If you are thinking about relocating your office or have already begun planning a corporate relocation, make sure you strategically prepare ahead of time to avoid additional costs or lose hours of operation. A solid plan of action before, during, and after the move should be in place and followed as closely as possible. When preparing, be aware and ready for the financial costs that support a successful relocation.

In addition to solid preparation and planning, a strong team of experienced professionals is essential to ensure a successful relocation. Hiring a specialized team is beneficial to eliminate the risk of extended down time due to improperly handled equipment or damaged technology. Keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition to your new office.

Plan Ahead

Because of the extensive planning required for an office relocation, starting early is very important. Companies generally start planning up to a year in advance for a successful move. The earlier you start, the more time you have to map out the details.

Coordinate the schedule

Make sure you have coordinated the move with both your current building and new building. Keep in mind that some locations do not allow moves to occur during normal business hours so you may have to work around allotted times during the week or schedule the move for a weekend.

Hire a Professional in LA

When dealing with fragile technology, you want to ensure that it is handled properly so that you do not risk data loss or damage. Hiring a professional to move your equipment will remove that responsibility from your shoulders while ensuring proper handling and maximum uptime.

Backup Critical Data

Even with all of the right procedures and plans in place, there is still risk for data loss. It is important to have an up-to-date backup of your data to ensure that you don’t lose it during the relocation.

Label all equipment

To simplify the process of moving, reduce confusion, and increase efficiency, label your equipment. This will not only quicken the process of getting equipment out of the old office, but will also save time transitioning into the new office.

If you need assistance with your move, contact a professional relocation company in Los Angeles to assist you and ensure a smooth relocation. Don’t risk valuable technology or waste time when you can increase efficiency by hiring a professional. Receive a free quote today and get on track for a successful office relocation.


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Tony Laiewski

Written by Tony Laiewski

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