Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 8 Install Issue

Jan 27 2015

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This evening I ran into an issue installing Exchange server 2010 SP3 rollup update 8 on a server that previously was on sp3 rollup 5. I am not sure if anyone else has come across this, but I thought I would share my findings.

I ensured that UAC was off no AV or Backup services were started and I elevated the command prompt and received an error that didn’t tell me much. Right after the update was processing the “stopping services” I received “rolling back changes”.

Looking through event viewer I typically filter the view for errors and warnings however; this time I did not and found an information event that led me to the fix.

I received an error status of 1603 inside the event 1036 information event. I looked to see if anything was written to the exchangesetup log (c:exchangesetuplogs) and I couldn’t find any new entries.

I ran the update from an elevated command prompt with the below switches

ExchangeSP3RU8.msp /lxv c:tempRollup8UpdateLog.txt

The update began installing and the log file was written.

For more information on this refer to the support article I found when researching the error.

In hind sight

I feel the issue may have been a result of one of two things either permissions on the directory of the c:exchangesetuologs folder or that a .msp file was missing or corrupted in the windowsinstaller location. Running the command above with the switches forced creation of a log file for the rollup in an alternate location.

Brandon Nolan

Written by Brandon Nolan

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