How to Get Your Staff to Adopt New Systems

Jan 13 2016


Many businesses have experienced the pain of implementing a new technology only to have their end users reject it once it has already been deployed. This can cause a multitude of issues for any organization – money spent on the new system and the actual implementation is wasted, users are unhappy, and companies typically have to find a way to make the new system work for their users or even look into redoing the whole process.

User Adoption is the process in which users get accustomed to a new technology once it is deployed and then begin to use it in place of or in addition to other technologies. The idea is that you want your staff using the new systems as soon as possible, and you want a smooth transition into this new system. So, what does this require? In order to successfully implement a new technology and have your users functioning with it in a short period of time, there are some common steps to follow.

First, you’ll need to identify which new technology you need. Whether you need a better phone system, a more reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, or even a new operating system, your executive staff will likely have their own ideas based on cost and functionality. Your Managed Services provider or IT staff can also be very helpful in identifying the best systems for your business goals.

Next, when you have a short list of systems you are considering, you’ll need your staff’s buy-in. Let your staff know you are considering making the change and that you want feedback if there are any opinions. This doesn’t mean that you have to satisfy everyone’s requests, but it can help you make a better decision and implement a technology that these users will adopt. It might also help you identify other issues, such as trying to make this change during a busy time for your payroll staff or another department.

Once your new technology has been chosen and you feel your staff are on-board, you must implement a rollout plan. These transitions can be overwhelming – the best way to get through this process is to have your provider or IT department manage this change. They will understand that much of this will need to take place after hours and will have strategies in place for dealing with unexpected issues.

Finally, once your new technology has been deployed, you will need to continue to offer extra support to your staff as they learn and get used to the new system. Your provider or IT staff should already be helping users, but instruct them that they may need to offer more assistance for a short period. Offer any literature you can find from the manufacturer or other knowledgeable sources, and check in periodically to make sure everyone has fully adopted your new system and that it is working for your users.

It can be very tough to deploy new technologies at organizations of any size – you might consider working with a Managed Services provider if you are not already. They have vast amounts of experience deploying new systems. If you are thinking of implementing a new technology, why not give us a call? We have helped businesses like yours successfully rollout new systems.

Tony Laiewski

Written by Tony Laiewski

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